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Founded in 2018, TEC Group relies on the know-how of watchmaking and industry professionals. The watchmaking sector, the group’s main market, works in close collaboration with many Swiss manufacturers. The diversity of its activities meets the essential needs of many customers. By offering innovative solutions and services in the world of technology and precision, the Group brings its Swiss made know-how and actively contributes to the evolution of watchmaking.

TEC Group aims to merge energies and solidify a financial balance. This additional strength, a guarantee of quality, facilitates sales and internal/external purchases for our customers. We can now offer verticality ranging from the component manufactured, decorated, pre-assembly, through electroplating, to the assembly of the movement.

TEC Group is made up of 11 companies which are located in the heart of the Vallée de Joux for other parts of French-speaking Switzerland . In Vallorbe, there is the manufacture of components, for prototypes to very large series, the design and manufacture of Haute Horlogerie movements and burnishing, as well as new printing technologies dedicated to decoration. At Le Lieu and Le Pont, there are the greatest skills in decoration, electroplating and precision mechanics. In Yverdon-Les-Bains, bar turning. At Le Sentier the boutique, Helvetica Horlogerie, is offering more than 60 watch brands, jewelery and leather goods. Finally, jewelery brand Rita & Zia is based at Rue du Rhône in Geneva.

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Purnell official partner of the Ballon d’or™

For the 3rd year running, the prestigious Ballon d’Or™ Trophy is associated with the Purnell Watchmaking House.

Congratulations to the 2 Ballon d’Or 2023 winners Aitana Bonmati and Lionel Messi, who were presented with the precious grail and these two unique timepieces on Monday October 30.
Black titanium case, smoked sapphire dial, flying tourbillon enclosed in a titanium soccer set with 535 white & black diamonds.
The Group is delighted to have brought this beautiful project to life within its teams for the 3rd time.

What's up ?
Purnell Escape Legend
Ballon d’Or™

Our subsidiaries

Established since 2008 at the foot of the Vallée de Joux, TEC Ebauches has industrial equipment at the cutting edge of technology allowing the production of prototypes as well as large series guaranteed “Swiss Label”. MISSIMI-BERNEY is a company active in the field of subcontracting for the watch industry as well as the manufacture of special machines for the watch industry.

Watch Deco and Prodecor ensure the complete realization of your needs in watch manufacturing and decoration while respecting human values and ancestral watchmaking traditions.

Decobar Swiss specializes in the complex turning of high-precision parts, cutting and burnishing. Combining its know-how, its expertise and its passion with high-performance means of production, Decobar Swiss produces your top-of-the-range and exceptional components. TEC Arts HD enhances your brand image using an innovative technological process that can be applied to most materials that can be immersed in water.

This technique is used both in watchmaking and on larger supports. Finally, Purtec is the newest addition to the group. The company specializes in the development of Haute Complication movements that are, to say the least, surprising

Gaïa Prize

Éric Coudray

Recognized as one of the greatest watchmakers in the industry, Eric Coudray was awarded the Gaïa Prize in 2012 for his innovative and improbable mastery of watchmaking construction. His notoriety took off following the creation of the Gyrotourbillon by Jaeger-LeCoultre, released in 2004, which displays a perpetual calendar and an equation of time. He improved the concept after and designed the Reverso Gyrotourbillon 2, regulated by a higher frequency cylindrical hairspring which enabled him to obtain second prize at the Locle Chronometry Competition in 2009. After 19 years with Jaeger-LeCoultre, Eric Coudray joined the Cabestan company in 2008, he made the movement of the Winch Tourbillon Vertical more reliable. The Master Watchmaker decides to pursue his creativity within TEC Ebauches in 2016.

Paul Clementi

A graduate of the watchmaking school in Besançon, Paul Clementi has been trained as a watchmaker and repairer and specialized in the restoration of old watches in La Chaux-de-Fonds. He has collaborated with and worked for big names in watchmaking, including Breguet, L’épée, Parmigiani and Bovet. During these years he participated in the analysis of Breguet’s three-wheel clock, built a detent escapement and wrote a report on Abraham Louis Breguet. Anxious to pass on his knowledge, he taught at the CIFOM (Centre Interregional de Formation des Montagnes neuchâteloises) from 1994 to 1997 as a master of theory while highlighting his technical knowledge through articles for specialized watchmaking magazines. Since 1999 and to this day he has continued his mission as Expert with restoration technicians in old watchmaking at CIFOM. The Gaïa prize has thus be awarded to him in 2018 to reward his inventive creations, made with irreproachable ethics. Paul Clementi joins PURTEC in October 2021.

TEC know how

Movement development
Watchdecoration for High horlogery
Decoration for customized Watches
Complex machining
Profile-turning / Cutting / Decoration
Special watchmaking machines
Machining CNC 3/5 Axes

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